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Daniel AveryとCourtesyが、RAが東アジアで開催する3つのイベントへ出演し、バックトゥバックでプレイする。

この企画は、東アジアの3都市におけるそれぞれのベストクラブ––東京UNIT(11月22日)、ソウルFaust(11月24日)、台北Korner(11月25日)で開催。これまでに一度も一緒にプレイしたことがなく、どこか同じ性質を持つ2人のDJ、Daniel AveryとCourtesyを迎える。両者は広範囲にわたるジャンルやムードをスムーズに行き来するプレイで知られるが、テクノがその中心だ。彼らはそれぞれのショーで、一晩を通しバックトゥバックでプレイする。

For one week in November, we’re taking two of our favourite techno DJs to some of East Asia’s best small nightclubs. First up will be Tokyo’s UNIT club, on Wednesday, November 22nd. Then we head to South Korea, and Seoul’s famed Faust club, on Friday the 24th. Finally, on Saturday the 25th, we’ll be in Taipei at Korner. We’ve been working closely with these venues to bring something exciting to each city—something none of us had ever seen before.

We’ve chosen two incredibly dynamic artists for this journey, both comfortable across a range of genres and moods. In recent years, Daniel Avery has risen to be one of the world’s most in-demand techno acts. His contribution to fabric’s mix series and his debut album, Drone Logic, made him famous for a throbbing acid sound Andrew Weatherall once dubbed “machine-funk,” but in recent years he’s embraced a darker, more hypnotic sound. When we approached him with the concept, it quickly became clear that for this to work, we’d need to choose the perfect sparring partner—someone whose approach to the art of DJing would be as exciting in the booth as it was on the dance floor.

Copenhagen’s Courtesy is, for all involved, the perfect choice. She’s one of the most exciting DJs working today. Her label, Ectotherm pushes uncompromising club music and her touring schedule throughout 2017 has been relentless. Her style is fiercely modern—avant-garde yet utterly engaging in the club, often taking in hard-edged techno, IDM, electro and breakbeats without breaking a sweat.

Since these shows will be the first time these two have played together, it’s impossible to say exactly what middle ground they’ll find, but we’re as excited to find out as they are. They’ll be playing all night long, reaching into the furthest recesses of their record bags, and pushing each other’s distinctive sounds into previously unknown territory. See you under the speakers.


Daniel Avery

Moss (JP)

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